LWISSD Psychic Medium Summit

Due to high demand, the Psychic Mediumship Course has been developed to offer the possibility of dual certification in Level 3 Psychic and Level 3 Mediumship techniques.Based on over 20 years of international experience as a psychic medium, Lisa Williams developed a unique curriculum that covers the distinct difference between a psychic and mediumship connection to energy – an area of development often misunderstood and overlooked in the spiritual arts.

By learning the difference, avoiding common pitfalls, discovering and building on strengths, and practicing the most appropriate techniques for each type of frequency, students will come away with increased skills and the confidence that they are facilitating the highest quality readings appropriate for the type of area in which they will specialize in their individual fields.

  • 12 video lessons with Lisa Williams
  • lessons are made available each week in the form of on-demand videos
  • 12 lessons will address new aspects of developing your gift appropriately and with the highest ethical standards
  • 3 group conference calls with Lisa Williams to discuss your development
  • Homework to advance your learning
  • All homework is mandatory and is a requirement for certification
  • Course notes from each lesson will be made available for students as well as weekly homework
  • 4 day intensive workshop with a LWISSD Master Teacher (or 3 day for those not certifying)
  • 15 minute consultation with your Master Teacher to discuss your development after the workshop for those sitting for certification

If you choose to sit for certification testing, there is an additional charge of $150.

  • Certificate of Completion or Certified Spiritual Advisor™ Certificate for those meeting course requirements.

June 25 @ 09:00
9:00 am — 10:00 am (1h)


Colby Rebel

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