Group Medium Readings

Group Medium Readings Me & Us. Have an event & want to make the occasion memorable? Book Colby for your next event to make an impact that is everlasting! Colby travels around the world conducting classes, workshops, public speaking and mediumship demonstrations. Colby uses her gifts to create a memorable experience. Please contact for details.

*Group sessions with friends & family are a great way to connect with Spirit! Contact for further details and pricing.

Group Medium Readings

Ready to make a connection?
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With Colby, It’s your reading & it matters.

Group  Reading  Testimonials

“Colby is extraordinarily gifted. I first saw her in action at LWISSD in Bel Air when my then recently deceased uncle came through for a chat. Which was very surprising, moving and scary at the same time! I saw her touch many people that day and create an environment where it’s okay to be vulnerable.

I was a part of a group reading that my best friend pleasantly surprised us with during a weekend. Oh boy. Let me just say she brought out her big guns. She was accurate, funny and straightforward in her approach….which I appreciated.

I was told to do something I’d been pondering/dreading for months. Although very upset by the news, I’m happy to know my instinct was correct. She gave it to me straight, as I do to others. She gave me work to do too + let me know the work I’ve done is paying off. Actually, she gave it to us ALL straight! Who the hell am I kidding?! No one was left out. Lol. The group as a whole was pleased as it was very insightful.

Listen, this is probably one of the best investments outside of a message that you can do for yourselves.

Even if you’re a skeptic…and we had one of those in the group. Haha. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Colby is the truth.
End of story.”

-Erin J.

“I had Colby come to my house for a group reading for my birthday a couple weeks ago! She was amazing! Extremely accurate! Fun! And very warm and welcoming! I highly recommend Colby!”

-Audra R.