Mediumship Progressive Workshop

Visions and Dreams is honored to host Internationally recognized psychic medium Colby Rebel for Mediumship Progressive Course. This is a 2-Day all-encompassing workshop helping you hone your gifts to gain more evidence, accuracy, confidence and detail. This workshop will give you the tools you need to dive in deeper with your connection and create more joy and ease within your readings.

Topics Covered Include:

• Holding the Energy
• Interpreting Spirit Communication
• Integrating Your Clairs
• Trusting YOUR connection to Spirit
• Not letting a NO shake your confidence
• Diving in Deeper with Details
• Lock N’ Load Technique ™
• Platform Mediumship
• Dealing with a Closed Client
• Understanding Grief in a Reading
• Building a Conversation with Spirit
• Dealing with the pressure in a session
• Surrendering to Spirit & Your Purpose
• Psychic Investigation
• Responsibilities & Professionalism
• Blending with Spirit
• Focusing on personality & memories
• Bringing through Evidence clearly
• Answers to your questions & more!

CALL: 949-650-6929 TO RESERVE

This is a 2 Day workshop Saturday, June 23rd 10am-4pm and Sunday, June 24th 10am-4pm. Registration Required.

Colby Rebel is an International Psychic Medium that has an uncanny ability to blend with the spirit world. Her connection is evident in her private sessions, public demonstrations and appearances around the world. She is a certified master spiritual teacher & the #1 best-selling author of the book Leap Of Faith-How To Build Your Spiritual Business. She is the host of the hit radio show Live with Colby Rebel on Colby travels the world helping others develop their gifts and delivering messages from Spirit.