F.I.N.D. Forensic Investigation Natural Development

A 2-DAY Intensive Workshop detailing areas of Forensic Intuitive Work

Saturday January 20th 2018 10am-5pm (pst)

Sunday January 21st 2018 10am-5pm (pst)

Do you have a desire to assist families & law enforcement in cold-cases, missing person cases & unsolved mysteries? Join the esteemed team of A.J. BarreraJennifer Shaffer and Colby for this 2-day intensive workshop designed to teach you the essentials necessary in developing your gifts to assist in forensic investigation.


Areas to be covered during this intensive 2-day experience:

  • Developing the tool of remote viewing used in cases to hone in on location, details & evidence. Focusing on linking images to key components in a case.

  • Ethics & Integrity essential to assisting in any case.

  • Empathy & Compassion in remembering the families and victims within the case

  • Taking you each step of the way on when you are alerted of a case and how to use your intuitive gifts to receive detailed information.

  • Using Psychometry (use of holding an personal item) and tapping into energy to receive information.

  • Reading photos and exercising recall abilities.

  • Learning how to determine locations and time of year associated with a case.

  • Taking you through the perpetrators eyes and mind when linking to a case.

  • Taking you throught the victims eyes and mind when linking to a case.

  • How to deliver the information you are receiving.

  • How to look at the practical evidence and the intuitive evidence to complete the story.

  • Guest Law Enforcement speakers to discuss how law enforcement gathers information and evidence.

  • How to use your intuitive gifts for sketch art drawings

  • Opportunity to work on LIVE cases and offer assistance.

Colby Rebel

Colby Rebel is a worldwide psychic, medium, author and master spiritual teacher. She is the host of the hit radio show LIVE with Colby Rebel. She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA where she owns the Colby Rebel Spirit Center. Colby is considered one of the leading experts in her field as a spiritual teacher and psychic medium.